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5 bilingual books for your summer reading adventures


Need some fresh reading inspiration for your lil' Spanish learner? Here's a few of our absolute favorite bilingual titles to read this summer. Each one is in stock and available to our Sol Book Box subscribers, so if one catches your eye, be sure to drop a note in your profile or email us at [email protected] to grab a copy!

For lil' explorers

Sharuko: El Arqueólogo Peruano Julio C. Tello / Peruvian Archaeologist Julio C. Tello

Summer is a time for discovery and adventure, and this fascinating picture book biography of Peruvian archaeologist (and national icon) Julio C. Tello is as close to a real-life Indiana Jones story as you're gonna find! Tello made many revolutionary discoveries at archaeological sites around Peru, unearthing ancient cultures and fostering pride in the country's Indigenous history. Editor's note: if your kids start digging in the backyard, please don't send us any emails. :-)

For beating the heat

What Can You Do with a Paleta?

As she strolls through her barrio, a young girl introduces readers to the frozen, fruit-flavored treat that thrills Mexican and Mexican-American children. Create a masterpiece, make tough choices (strawberry or coconut?), or cool off on a warm summer's day--there's so much to do with a paleta.

Frankly, not a lot more can be said about this bilingual classic. We love it so much and return to it often. An essential title for any bilingual library!

For snack time

Cocinando on Cook Street

And speaking of food, summer can be the perfect time for exploring new activities like cooking together as a family. If your kiddo fancies themself a budding MasterChef Junior, then you'll both have a blast digging into this gorgeous picture book from our friends at Lil' Libros. Inspired by her own Mexican ancestry and culture, chef Marcela Valladolid’s children’s cookbook leads readers through the magic and legacy of her family recipes. From homemade chili-lime chips and fresas con crema to arroz rojo and carne asada tacos, there’s a recipe for every person and occasion.

For bedtime

I Love you, My Little Taquito

The summer solstice was last week and if your kids are anything like ours, getting the little ones in bed when "it's still light!" out can be a nightly struggle. This adorable board book might not make them WANT to turn in, but its celebration of the love and bond between parent and child (not to mention some beloved foods and traditions from Latino culture) is the perfect way to wind down the day.

For reluctant readers

Waiting for the Biblioburro/Esperando el Biblioburro

When school's out, reading can sometimes end up low on your family's to-do list. We get it. We've been there. But the truth is, summer can actually be a perfect time to inspire a little bookworm! It's their chance to explore, learn, grow, and thrive completely at their own pace. And this children's lit classic—now available in an awesome bilingual edition—will not only take them over mountains and through valleys to visit far-flung villages in rural Colombia, it also celebrates the impact that a special mobile library—called the “biblioburro”—has had on the lives of real children. Another must read!

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