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8 Awesome, Not-So-Scary Spanish Books for Kids About Monstruos


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In honor of Halloween, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite monstruos in Spanish children’s books. No tricks, just some reading treats for you and your monster-loving niña!

Cover of El monstruo más feo del mundo
El monstruo más feo del mundo

This little monster says it's the ugliest in the world. A second monster claims to be even uglier. What happens when a third monster shows up? Could a mirror help them to decide who is the ugliest monster in the world?

A very cute, silly, quite funny story full of kindness and child-like play that young readers will easily relate to (and probably imitate).

Monstruo Rosa

With a furry, adorable, pink monster that would feel right at home in the world of Pixar's Monster's Inc, this book is also a valuable lesson on diversity and individuality.

The debut entry in the Monstruo Rosa series of books from the talented Olga De Dios.

(See also, Monstruo Azul.)

El Monstruo de Colores

One day, Color Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad, and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color. As this adorable monster learns to sort and define his mixed up emotions, he gains self-awareness and peace as a result. Everyone will enjoy sharing this concept book that taps into both socio-emotional growth and color concepts in a simple, friendly way.

Spanish edition of the international best seller, The Color Monster.

Te como a besos

Peludo is a very big monster and he's always angry. But Peludo is also lonely ☹️. Is his bad temper the reason he is alone?

One of our favorite NubeOcho titles (and a 2020 libro del mes), this adorable picture book is a cute and colorful way for parents to tackle topics like anger and managing emotions with their littlest readers.

El Chupacabras

From the bestselling author of Dragons Love Tacos comes this whimsical re-telling of the chupacabra folktale, written in a blend of English and Spanish.

A long time ago, a girl named Carla lived on a goat farm with her father, Hector. One night, a goat disappeared from the farm and turned up flat as a pancake. Only one creature could do that--El Chupacabras, the goatsucker! Legend has it that El Chupacabras is a fearsome beast, but you can't believe everything you hear...and sometimes the truth is even more interesting.

Ñac-ñac, el monstruo comelibros

Ñac-ñac is a monster that loves to chew on soap, rubber duckies in the bathtub and your toes. But what it likes to bite on the most are...books!

Follow along as Ñac-ñac sneaks into stories about Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, and others. A clever introduction to classic children's literature!

Spanish edition of Nibbles, the Book Monster.

Lulu and the Hunger Monster/Lulú y el Monstruo del Hambre

When Lulu’s mother’s van breaks down, money for food becomes tight and the Hunger Monster comes into their lives. Only visible to Lulu, Hunger Monster is a troublemaker who makes it hard for her to concentrate in school. How will Lulu help her mom and defeat the Monster when Lulu has promised never to speak the monster’s name to anyone?

This realistic—and hopeful—book in Spanish and English builds awareness of the issue of childhood hunger, increases empathy for people who are food insecure, and demonstrates how anyone can help end hunger.

Bilingual edition of Lulu and the Hunger Monster.

Cómo encender un dragón apagado

Is a dragon a monster? Perhaps we’re cheating here, but this vibrant and delightful story is too good not to include.

Has your dragon forgotten how to breathe fire? Have no fear. This story follows the exploits of one frustrated dragon owner as she tries increasingly hilarious tricks to rekindle her dragon’s flame.


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