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Ahoy! Here's our 8 Favorite Children's Spanish Books about Pirates


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Have you heard about "porch pirates"? Apparently that's what we're now calling folks that steal packages off your porch during the holidays! :-( It's a kinda cute name for a pretty terrible thing...but it also got us thinking about how many great pirate-themed libros we've read over the last year. A new list was born!

Read, enjoy, and watch out for your next book box delivery! Let's keep those dastardly pirates at bay...

8 favorite Children's Spanish Books about Pirates

El pirata valiente

By Ricardo Alcántara, illustration from Gusti
What happens when a ferocious pirate climbs the mast of his ship and, in the middle of an adventure, his mother calls him to go have a snack? This silly pirate classic is 30 years old and still charming young readers. This edition features the always delightful illustrations of Gusti.

Daniela Pirata

by Susanna Isern, illustration from Gómez
Is being a pirate only for boys? That’s not what Daniela thinks. This story about equality and realizing your dreams was a CBC Best Books of the Year (Under Five) in 2019.

Los Miedos del capitán Cacurcias

By José Carlos Andrés, illustrations from Sonja Wimmer
Not long ago, and no one knows why, Captain Scaredy Cat started to be afraid of everything (even of his own shadow). In the Blue-eyed Ghost ship, Captain Scaredy Cat has to come face-to-face with a ghost, a vampire…even a werewolf!

Another hilarious treat (with a message about overcoming our fears) from one of our favorite author-illustrator duos.


El pirata de la pata de pato

By José Carlos Andrés, illustrations from Myriam Cameros Sierra
All the boat’s crew are afraid of Desalmau, the fearsome pirate. When they hear the knock, knock, knock of his wooden leg they run to hide. But, what would happen if one day someone changed the wooden leg for a rubber duck? Hilarious consequences await the once terrified crew in this beautifully illustrated book!

Silly even by children’s pirate book standards (in a great way!) this one is another delight from José Carlos Andrés. Check out our interview with him, too!

La isla de los mocos

By Alicia Acosta, illustrations from Mónica Carretero
Caution! You may wanna have a hanky ready as you read this hilarious tale of adventure for Little Captain Jack. And remember, anyone can be brave, no matter their size!

Ahoy, little mateys! Captain Jack and his crew have found a bottle with a hidden message!

It will lead them to the mysterious Achoo Island… An island inhabited BY GIANT NOSES! As they approach, the giant noses start attacking them with boogers. It was a trap! Boogers fly everywhere! Take cover, mateys! Will Little Captain Jack and his crew be able to escape?

Daniela Pirata y la bruja Sofronisa

By Susanna Isern, illustrations from Gómez
This third book in the Daniela Pirata series is one of our favorites. Join their adventure on the high seas as Daniela and her crew try to stop Sofronisa from casting her terrible spells.

El pequeño pirata Serafín

By Alicia Acosta, illustrations from Mónica Carretero
Why are so many pirates (at least in children’s books) so, well, tiny? We’ll ponder that while you laugh along with the (mis)adventures of El pequeño pirata Serafín and see that good things DO come in small sizes.

El increíble barco del capitán Marco

By Alicia Acosta, illustrations from Cecilia Moreno
OK, this last one is a bit of a cheat. Captain Marco isn’t a pirate, per say, but his adventures on the high seas will still have your little reader ready to set sail.

We love a good interactive libro, and in this one you’ll make your own paper origami ship (with easy-to-follow instructions) and discover hidden treasure!

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