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Get Your Kid Hooked On Reading Again with These Simple Steps


It’s no secret: reading is one of the best ways to keep kids engaged and excited about learning. It’s also a great way to help them develop their imagination and creativity, as well as their concentration skills.

Children are constantly changing and adapting to the world around them. It's no surprise when their likes and dislikes change, and this is no different when it comes to reading.

If your child loved story time as a toddler, but now struggles to get into books as a young independent reader, there are plenty of practical ways to encourage them to get back into the habit of reading.

Here at Sol Book Box, we’re experts on young readers. So we’ve provided you with some tips on how to give you and your child some fresh inspiration when it comes to reading.

Reading is fun, but sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to pick up a book. These tips can help you get your kids hooked on reading again—and make it a fun experience for everyone!

Start a Book Club

If you want to get your kids reading and enjoying books, one of the best ways is to start a book club. This encourages group reading and lets your child share their book interests with other children.

A great way to start a book club is by finding other families in your neighborhood or community that are interested in starting a book club with their own children. Or you might want to invite a family member or friend over for dinner and end it by sharing a few pages from your favorite childhood storybook.

You could also consider using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as online platforms such as Goodreads or Meetup to spread the word about your local children’s reading group.

Let Your Child Choose

This may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to get your child hooked on reading again is to let them choose what they want to read. Don’t force them to read a book they don’t like, and don’t let them read something that’s too difficult or too easy for their level.

A good approach is to encourage intuitive reading, by asking your child what they would like to read, and letting them make the final decision. Whether they prefer picture books or board books, it’s how much they enjoy reading which is important.

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are a great way to help your child develop into an avid reader. When your child sees you reading and enjoying books, they will want to do the same.

A bedtime story should ideally be read at the beginning or end of your child’s bedtime routine. We recommend choosing books that are not too long, to ensure that you finish them in time for bedtime.

Making bedtime stories a daily habit will help to make reading a permanent part of your child’s routine.

Don't Leave Home without a Book

One of the best ways to get kids interested in reading is to bring a book along wherever they go. A great place to start is with short stories and picture books, which can be easily read in 10 minutes or less. If you want your child to explore longer, chapter books are also a good option.

You don't have to limit yourself only to books that you've already purchased; if you're at the library or on vacation and find an interesting book, pick it up! You never know when inspiration will strike.

Check out our tips for reading on the go here.

Play Word Games

Playing word games is a great way to help your child learn new vocabulary and spelling. You'll find that the more words you can use correctly, the easier it will be to read what's on the page.

For children who are struggling with reading comprehension, word games are an excellent way for them to improve their skills.

Go on a Literary Field Trip

A literary field trip is a great way to combine learning with fun. Here's how you can plan one:

Visit a bookstore. Visit your local bookstore and ask the employees to recommend some of their favorite books for kids. You can also look through the store's children's section and find books that interest your child.

Go on an outing to the library. If there is no public library in your area, consider bringing your child on outings to nearby libraries or bookmobiles that visit schools in your community once a week or month (if they're available). You may even want to volunteer at these events so that you can get first-hand experience leading other families through story time.

Get Creative with Crafts

Kids love crafts, so why not use that to bring crafts and reading together? Crafts can be used to make reading more fun, interactive and educational. They are also a great way of getting your kids hooked on reading again.

You can use any creative activity to make your child interested in reading again. Consider drawing your child’s favorite literary scene, or make a puppet show with their favorite characters.

Sign Up for a Subscription Box

A subscription book box is the perfect way to bring some excitement back to reading.

Your child will be sent beautifully illustrated, culturally authentic books tailored to their tastes, every month. They’ll be back into reading in no time.

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