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Libros We Love: Mi Abuelo el Luchador


Written by Antonio Ramos Revillas, illustrated by Rosana Mesa Zamudio

Any child is lucky to have an abuelo in their life, but Grandpa Ignacio is something special. So strong, they say he defeated 20 men at once. So brave, he fought against werewolves, robots, and vampires! But it wasn't always this way. When Ignacio was a little boy, he met a girl at school who would turn out to be his toughest match yet.

Mi abuelo el luchador is just a total delight on so many levels. Gorgeously illustrated, so much fun, exciting, funny, and with a timeless message about conquering those things that scare us and living life to the fullest.

Previously out of print and still hard to find in U.S. stores, we couldn't wait to get this one to our subscribers. Enjoy!

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