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Libros We Love: No tengas miedo, Cangrejita


Written & illustrated by Chris Haughton

Little Crab is ecstatic for his first trip beyond his little tide pool, but when he arrives and sees the huge, thunderous waves, he realizes that the ocean may be a bit scarier than he thought. With the help of Very Big Crab, Little Crab decides to face his fears and discover amazing new things under the sea. Although hesitant at first, before long he doesn't want to leave!

Author & illustrator Chris Haughton has an uncanny knack for characters that both parents and kids can fall in love with, creating wholesome, family-friendly adventures that even the youngest pre-readers can appreciate and learn from. And that goes double (triple?) for this adorable little crab in No tengas miedo, Cangrejita.

With a customarily simple yet striking color pallet of whites, reds, and ocean blues, Haughton delivers a deeply relatable underwater adventure that should especially resonate for budding swimmers, seafarers, or any child taking their first steps into a big, sometimes intimidating world of the unknown.

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