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Libros We Love: Un día en el museo


By Susannah Bailey, Illustrated by Nia Gould
The animals have taken a trip to the art museum. Can you help them find the hidden objects in these famous paintings? From impressionism to surrealism and from Monet to Matisse, this book is the perfect art history primer!

Un día en el museo is a very adaptable book: for younger kids, it works best as a “search and find” book as they look for certain objects in the paintings on the next page. And for older children, the text is full of history and facts about artistic movements and the painters that embodied them.

We love finding a good non-fiction book (or non-fictionish, in this case) because they are the BEST for helping kids develop reading comprehension, build background knowledge, and develop analytical skills. We hope that you love this one, and learn a thing or two about art history!

Vanessa Nielsen Molina
Vanessa is an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá of four, who’s passionate about helping other parents experience the joy of raising bilingual children. Follow her journey at Bingualhelping Latinx families raise bilingual kids, as joyfully as possible!

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