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The Four Questions to Ask Before Subscribing to a Children’s Book Box


With the subscription box business in a full-on, pandemic-fueled renaissance, there have never been more options for families seeking the hands-off convenience of monthly deliveries. This trend of course includes children’s book boxes, for which there are now dozens of options aimed at parents seeking easy and fun ways to raise a reader.

But, like anything, not all books (or boxes!) are created equal. And since no company will ever know your niño like you do, it makes sense to do some research before diving in. To aid in your vetting process, below are the four key questions we at Sol Book Box asked ourselves when building our collection of Spanish & bilingual book boxes. Keep them in mind when shopping for your own familia!

  1. Where do the books come from? Are they unique and thoughtfully selected, or are they the same exact titles you’d find at any big box store? In the case of Spanish and bilingual picture or board books, we consider authenticity, and relevancy to be the two key factors that help turn new stories into favorite stories. That’s why we work with publishers in Latin America, Spain, and more, and make sure to select books with contemporary themes that will resonate with today’s readers. Remember, your subscription box should always be giving you more than a shopping spree on Amazon ever could!

  2. How do I know my child will like them? Every young reader is different, and what’s exciting and addictive for one kid, can be boring and off-topic for the next. So, the ability to personalize your shipments and provide feedback on the books you receive can be a real differentiating factor. Never treat your child’s library as a one-size-fits-all experience!

  3. Do the books share our values? OK this is big one, and obviously a deeply personal question. While no subscription box (ours included) can truly get inside the head of every customer, what subscription providers can and should do is share what THEY believe in, in hopes of connecting with like-minded individuals. For us, inclusivity, multi-cultural representation, eco-consciousness, and a compassionate, curious mindset (just to name a few) are all key to our book selection process. What matters to you and yours?

  4. Will it help get my child excited about reading? In the end, this is the million dollar question, isn’t it? While we’re confident that the above factors are all super impactful when inspiring a lifelong love of reading in any child, sometimes it’s the little extras that make all the difference. For example, we gift-wrap all our books to make every delivery feel like a present. And many of our boxes include extras (Spanish games, toys, activities, etc.) that serve as that delightful cherry on top for your budding bookworm.

We hope these questions can help you find the right book subscription service for the child in your life. And if you’re looking for the best Spanish & bilingual books for kids 0-8, we humbly suggest giving Sol Book Box a try! 😎

Jeff Cambron

Before joining Sol Book Box, Jeff co-founded the Brooklyn-based Creative Agency Mustache. With young children enrolled in Spanish immersion school, he is driven to help U.S. families get easier access to high quality Spanish & bilingual reading.

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