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Choosing the Right Book Subscription: What Parents Need to Know


We've already discussed the most important questions to ask before subscribing to a book box for your child. Today we're going one level deeper. At Sol Book Box, we have three unique subscription box options. Which one is right for you and your niño? Let's discuss!

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What is it?
Our classic, long-running, much beloved libro del mes (“book of the month”) club. Each month subscribers will receive one expertly curated Spanish-language picture book, carefully hand-selected by the Sol Book Box staff.

Some boxes will feature exciting new releases, others will focus on recent staff favorites or hard-to-find gems from our network of global publishers. It is our sincere hope that ALL selections will find a place in your niño’s library of storytime favorites.

In general, we aim to emphasize stories that celebrate diversity and feature bilingual / bicultural familias, as well as values including inclusivity, eco-consciousness, and a compassionate, curious mindset.


Who’s it for?
We work hard to select only titles that are thematically suitable for ALL children from age 0 to 8 – whether they are an independent reader, an active listener, or even just starting their language journey. That said, parents of pre-readers may prefer our Amor Box, which focuses on toddler board books with fewer words and simpler stories.

Can I personalize it?
Yes! While this subscription was initially built as a “book of the month” style plan in which all participants receive the same meticulously researched, thoughtfully chosen title, we are more than happy to provide a more bespoke roster of selections to your reader. For example, if you prefer bilingual titles, or certain specific genres. Please clearly indicate any preferences a) via your customer survey at purchase, or b) within your customer profile. Alternatively, you can simply email us at

Anything else I need to know?
Since one of our goals is to make reading and language learning as joyful as possible, we gift wrap each book just like a present, and deliver it in a festive, colorful box that your child will be excited to tear into each month. We also include custom write-ups for all titles, highlighting key themes and why it was chosen.

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What is it?
Our pre-reader gift box. Each month subscribers will receive 2 Spanish / bilingual board books + 1 charming & age-appropriate Spanish / bilingual toy or activity. Use this subscription to instill an early love of reading while giving your child a head start on language development and creating cherished family moments.

Some recent featured books include LA JIRAFA RAFA, MY VOICE / MI VOZ, and LEO VA A LA PELUQUERIA. Toys and activities include simple bilingual puzzles, animal stuffies (typically sent as a companion to a book character), or other early language learning aids.

Who’s it for?
This box is a perfect gift idea for new mamis y papis, or anyone ready to introduce an eager reader to a wider world of libros.

Can I personalize it?
Yes! All Amor Box shipments are deeply personalized – via customer surveys and profile details – based on your child’s age, interests, language preferences, and any other factors you wish our team to consider. If, after purchase, you wish to provide more context to our team, please reach out via Of course, if you wish to simply receive staff recommendations, that’s great, too!

Anything else I need to know?
More than anything, we want your budding bilingual bebé to be EXCITED about their box and raring for storytime. As such, each item is gift wrapped and packaged for maximum unboxing joy.

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What is it?
Our Spanish learner box. Each month subscribers will receive 1 hand-selected, age-appropriate bilingual picture book, 1 high-quality, educational Spanish game or activity, and 1 extra surprise!

Our focus here is on making Spanish feel vital and relevant to your child, while strengthening language skills, deepening cultural understanding, and supporting healthy development.

Some recent bilingual books include MY VOICE / MI VOZ, ISABEL AND HER COLORES GO TO SCHOOL, and HOW TO FOLD A TACO / COMO DOBLAR UN TACO. Activities typically have an educational focus (flashcards, geo-puzzles, etc.), while also familiarizing readers with traditional Latin American games like Lotería.

Who’s it for?
We aim for children ages 4 to 8 with most of our Sol Box selections. That said, this subscription is family oriented, and parents or siblings on their own Spanish learner journey can absolutely enjoy these boxes alongside their little readers!

Can I personalize it?
Yes! Every bilingual journey is unique and as such it is our mission to make each box as uniquely meaningful and useful as possible. For example, Latinx heritage families may prefer books and activities more rooted in Latin American culture. While Spanish learner families might be more interested in gaining language proficiency. So, as always, please feel free to tell us exactly what you’re hoping for out of your subscription ( and we’ll do our very best to make it exceptional!

Anything else I need to know?
Did we say surprises? In addition to the core books and activities, we pack each Sol Box with at least one additional item. Sometimes it’s an extra book we think you’ll love. Other times it might be a fun sticker pack, or pins, or games, or notebooks, or who knows what! Actually, isn’t NOT knowing half the fun? Forget we said anything. :-)