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10 Empowering Spanish & Bilingual Children’s Books for Women’s History Month


March is a time to celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of women throughout history. As we honor these trailblazers, here’s 10 libros that can inspire and empower young readers to dream big and change the world.

Ella Persistió

The Spanish edition of Chelsea Clinton & Alexandra Boiger's #1 New York Times bestseller is for everyone who has ever wanted to speak up but has been told to quiet down, for everyone who has ever tried to reach for the stars but was told to sit down, and for everyone who has ever been made to feel unworthy or unimportant or small.

Perfect for tiny activists, mini feminists and little kids who are ready to take on the world!

Be Bold! Be Brave! / ¡Sé Audaz! ¡Sé Valiente!

A bilingual picture book in rhyming verse that highlights 11 amazing Latinas who excelled in various fields including medicine, science, sports, art and politics.

Sembrando Historias: Pura Belpré, Bibliotecaria Y Narradora De Cuentos

Follow the life and legacy of Pura Belpré, New York City's first Puerto Rican librarian. This magnificent portrait of the librarian, author, and puppeteer reminds us of the power of storytelling, and of the extraordinary woman who opened the doors and championed the idea of bilingual literature.

The Turquoise Room / El Cuarto Turquesa

Bestselling author Monica Brown takes us on a magical journey into the lives of generations of creative women in her family in this gorgeously illustrated bilingual picture book.

The Life Of / La Vida De Selena

Tells the story of Latina pop star Selena Quintanilla’s career, an award-winning artist and “Queen of Tejano Music” to her legions of fans. Part of the La Vida (Life Of) series of bilingual board books from 'Lil Libros, a wonderful way to introduce some of the most prominent Latin American leaders and trailblazers from history.

Julia Child

This beautifully illustrated book is a playful celebration of the joy of eating, loosely inspired by the real (and iconic!) Julia Child. It tells the story of a girl named Julia, who falls in love with French food at a young age. She and her friend Simca agree on two things: you can never use too much butter, and it’s more fun to be a child than an adult.

Inventoras y Sus Inventos

Have you noticed the objects, machines and furniture that you have around you? They have all been invented by someone. And many of them were created by amazing women who wanted to improve the world. Dive into a world of progress with this Spanish picture book!

Cocinando On Cook Street: A Collection Of Mi Familia’s Recipes

Inspired by her own Mexican ancestry and culture, chef Marcela Valladolid’s children’s cookbook leads readers through the magic and legacy of her family recipes.

From homemade chili-lime chips and fresas con crema to arroz rojo and carne asada tacos, there’s a recipe for every person and occasion. Everyone will have the opportunity to cook and taste a little bit of Mexico!

Areli es una Dreamer

When Areli was just a baby, her mama and papa moved from Mexico to New York with her brother, Alex, to make a better life for the family--and when she was in kindergarten, they sent for her, too.

In the first picture book written by a DACA dreamer, Areli Morales tells her own powerful and vibrant immigration story.

Dream with the Latinitas / Suena con las Latinitas

Discover how twenty-two influential Latinas became the women we celebrate today! In this collection of short biographies from all over Latin America and the United States, Juliet Menéndez explores the first small steps that set these Latinitas off on their journeys.

Sweet and simple with gorgeous, hand-painted illustrations, this bilingual board book shines a spotlight on the power of childhood dreams.


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