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The future is bilingual. Why not our bookshelves?

"It astonishes me that, even today, there is a lack of access to authentic Spanish original titles in the USA. The beauty of Sol Book Box is they provide a solution."
- Corrie Wiik, bilingual parenting expert

Sol Book Box makes raising a Spanish reader simple.

Get one-of-a-kind access to Spanish & bilingual books from Latin America, Spain, & more. Each title handpicked for your reader & shipped straight to your door.


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Sol Book Box is for familias like yours!

We've empowered thousands of parents to better connect with the joy of raising a bilingual child. Here's a few:

Latinx Families

"The book on Tito Puentes brought back childhood memories that I shared with the kids."- Carlos S.

Bilingual Learners

"The contents open doors for engaging and fun reading...Sol Book Box really works!"- Maria M.

Curious Readers

"There are nights when our 17-month-old son selects ONLY Spanish books off the shelf!"- Laura B.

Featured Boxes

Picture Book Box

Ages 4-8

A new favorite Spanish or bilingual picture book—delivered every month.  Make raising a reader easy with our original, beloved Book of the Month club. 


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Board Book Box

Ages 0-3

Two delightful board books every month for those precious early moments. Start reading en español to your child from day one and raise a bilingual bookworm.


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Familia Book Box (New!)

Ages 0-8

So much magic can happen when kids read and learn together. Our family box ships a trio of delightful books—one picture book & two board books, Spanish or bilingual—every month, each best enjoyed when shared.


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Recent studies have shown that bilingual kids are better listeners than their monolingual peers!

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Expert Approved

"The books from Sol Book Box are authentic Spanish literature. I can’t say that enough. We know that books represent both language and culture..."

- Christa Jimenez, Pura Vida Moms

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