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A Spanish book club for ages 0 to ocho

Discover libros your reader loves, right from the start, delivered monthly to your doorstep.

Sol Book Box is the simple, super fun way to introduce your child to español, one story at a time.

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“There are nights when our 17-month-old selects ONLY Spanish books off the shelf. This amazes us!”

Laura B., subscriber

Featured Boxes

Board Book Box

Ages 0-4

Introduce the joy of reading en español. Small, sturdy, & built for curious little hands, these board books are perfect for bebés, toddlers, & curious pre-readers.


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Picture Book Box

Ages 4-8

Expand your reader's world. Diverse, enchanting stories from authentic voices, beautifully illustrated to help your child connect with people, places, & cultures.


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Familia Book Box

Ages 0-8

More than one reader? ¡Excelente! There's so much joy in watching kids read and learn together. This box is ideal for unboxing and enjoying as a family.


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¡Me encanta!

“It's like having a Spanish-speaking pen pal for my son, and my own Spanish has improved..."
- Laura B.

“The kids were super excited with the contents. The book on Tito Puentes brought back childhood memories..."
- Carlos S.

“Every single book will interest your little readers or listeners. Wonderfully picked!"
- Daisy S.

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“It astonishes me that, even today, there is a lack of access to authentic Spanish original titles in the USA. The beauty of Sol Book Box is they provide a solution."

- Corrie Wiik, Founder of Llamitas Spanish®


The 10 Best Books for Your Bilingual Bebé

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