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7 Favorite Spanish Children’s Books for Fall


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I’ve lived in Phoenix, Arizona for more than a decade, and in that time I’ve come to accept that for all of us who live in the south part of the U.S., fall is more like… a nice concept in theory? But when there are palm trees outside your window and the high is still 90 degrees in October, you kind of have to get creative about ways to get your fall on.

So while we probably won’t be getting cozy with sweaters and watching the leaves change colors, we CAN enjoy some fabulous Spanish children’s books for fall (poolside perhaps, or maybe on a couch with the AC blasting). And for all of you who DO get to experience actual fall, these titles couldn’t be more perfect to read with the niñas during the autumn season.


El vendedor de felicidad

by Davide Calì, illustrated by Marco Somà
In the middle of the forest, señor Pichón (a happiness salesbird) is in town doing business. He sells happiness in small jars, in big jars, and even in packs of six (for those with big families). Some folks buy felicidad wrapped in colorful paper, ready to give to their friends as gifts for the holidays. There must be something truly wonderful in those jars, because señor Pichón has so many customers! And yet… can you really buy happiness? With its autumnal color palette, this book is perfect reading for a cozy fall day.

Erizo y Conejo: El susto del viento

by Pablo Albo, illustrated by Gómez
Erizo and Conejo are just minding their own business, grabbing a snack of cabbage and hunting for snails in the garden. But when a swirling wind blows the leaves around in a terrifying way, these two friends need to conquer their fears to outwit the “monster” that is maybe not so scary after all.

Luna oscura

by Heidi Moreno
Of all the cats in the forest, Luna is the only black one. “¡Aléjate!” the other cats tell her, “traes mala suerte”. So with her trusty companion, Toad, Luna sets off to find a home and a place to belong. And along the way, she just might understand that what makes her different is actually the most magical part about her.

Cartas en el bosque

by Susanna Isern, illustrated by Daniel Montero Galán
Every day, el cartero rides his bike around the forest delivering letters to all of the animals. These are no ordinary letters though, as each one is specifically written to help resolve misunderstandings or ignite friendships in the forest. And the mailman’s secret? HE is the one carefully crafting each letter. Which unfortunately means he never gets any mail of his own… or does he? The illustrations in this touching story of friendship are perfectly fall-ish!

La calabaza rodante

by Junia Wonders, illustrated by Daniela Volpari
On a windy fall day, Maria Pequeña comes running down the hill yelling for help - her giant pumpkin is rolling away without signs of stopping! Maria Pequeña chases her pumpkin all around the city, finding help along the way. This book features repeating phrases (perfect for young readers) and darling fall-themed illustrations.

El último árbol

by María Quintana Silva and Silvia Álvarez
One fall day, all the trees decide to uproot and leave. While walking to school, Goran realizes what has happened and wonders if the tree in his backyard has vanished as well. He rushes home to find the tree heading out with the rest “before someone chops me down.” Devastated, Goran pleads with the tree to stay through the winter, to have a nice rest, and if in the springtime it still feels it must leave then he, Goran, won’t argue. Will Goran be able to convince his tree to stay?

Sopa de calabaza

by Hellen Cooper
In the middle of the forest, el Gato, la Ardilla y el Pato live in a lovely cabin. Each night, they make pumpkin soup for dinner: Gato cuts the pumpkin, Ardilla stirs and Pato adds the seasoning. They get along great… until Pato decides to change up how they do things, causing a great fight that ultimately leads to Pato marching off in a huff. Will he ever come back? Or is this the end of a friendship?


And there you have it! We carry most of these Spanish children’s books for fall (along with so many other great ones!) in the Sol Book Box library, so check it out if you haven’t already!

Vanessa Nielsen Molina

Vanessa is an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá of four, who’s passionate about helping other parents experience the joy of raising bilingual children. Follow her journey and access more resources at BilingualBookworm.com.

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