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Biblio Wonderland: Our 7 Favorite Spanish Picture Books We Shared in 2023


Can you recall the felicidad of losing yourself in a good book? When the world faded away, and you were lifted into an imaginary realm? Now, envision that incredible memory and add the enticing aroma of logs smoldering on a fire and freshly baked cookies, or in the case of our family, the smell of pine and buñuelos. You've just crafted a Christmas book memory waiting to happen.

At Sol Book Box, we love helping, much like Santa's elves in a bustling workshop. Here's a roundup of our favorite books sent out in 2023. Among them is a laugh-out-loud book about a furry, four-legged creature with an insatiable appetite for adventure, an enchanting hero of lost teeth, and a true story about crossing the border.

#1. Alma y como obtuvo su nombre

This book marked a special literary moment for me, as it was one of the first times I read a children's book by a Peruvian author. Alma’s long name is a connection to a heritage that resonates with the echoes of my own personal narrative. It also functions as a story connecting her to her ancestors. In the author’s note, Juana Martinez Neal shares her personal journey from initially disliking her name to eventually holding it in a place of pride.

#2. La primera aventura del ratoncito Pérez

As a child, I absolutely loved the story of a little mouse (no, not Mickey Mouse!) sneaking into my room in the middle of the night and exchanging my teeth for money. This updated, highly imaginative take is a firm favorite since our little one has just lost their two front teeth in our casita!

#3. ¡Ouah!

¡Ouah! is gorgeously and intricately illustrated. So much so that merely reading the pictures is sufficient to ignite enthusiasm in any dog-loving young reader (pro tip: if my little reader is hesitant to read in Spanish, we often start by simply exploring the pictures). This book has become a firm favorite for the entire family (including our neighbor’s dog who we read to from time to time.)

#4. Esto no es una selva

In this book, Paula is in a no spiral. And as parents, I think we all know how frustrating those moments can be. It's truly wonderful when a book has the power to transform a difficult and challenging situation into one filled with laughter, often paving the way for positive outcomes.

#5. Hoy me siento

Hoy me siento was highlighted in our Boost Your Spanish Read-Aloud with SEL Books: A Guided Parent's Toolkit article. An all around fantastic book with so many educational opportunities!

#6. La frontera

This bilingual tale, inspired by co-author Alfredo Alva's childhood immigration experience, weaves English and Spanish to enhance language-learning. Packed with endnotes, it delves into Alfredo's story, providing insights on immigration, resilience, empathy, and belonging to aid conversations with children.

#7. El chupacabras

A fantastic read for those who adore Dragons Love Tacos (and an excellent introduction to another gem by the same author for the little ones). It's also a comedic spin on the cryptozoological creature known in parts of Latin America as El Chupacabras.

PS - If you're looking for more enchanting books in Spanish, try one of our book boxes and give your reader a monthly dose of awesome libros from Latin America, Spain, & diverse voices across the US!



Karina Batchelor is a proud Latinx mama from Miami, la ciudad magica. She's a longtime educator, writer, and creative who holds multiple degrees in varied areas of study. Her qualifications have seen her excel across the US and the UK in various sectors of the education and theatre industry. You can often find her with a cafecito in hand at the nearest library, her homeschooling cooperative, or at the theatre, where she works as a professional dramaturg.

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