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Choosing the Right Libros for Your Budding Bookworm


Developing strong reading skills early on is essential for healthy childhood development – yet, if your niño is less than enthralled by their available reading library, many of the benefits may be lost on them. In this post, we’ll discuss some different methods for finding and choosing the right books for your child.

#1 Explore their passions (and yes, they do probably already have them)

Most children develop storytelling preferences at a very young age, so it's never too early to start personalizing your reading. Maybe they want to hear tales of princesses and fantasy worlds, or maybe they love non-fiction educational books about animals – there’s a whole world of book genres and topics to choose from, after all!

Not sure? Some great places to start include:

  • Adventure Stories: For a good ole’ fashioned adventure story, look for books with beautiful art and a captivating narrative. Adventure stories are also one of the best formats for teaching children moral lessons, so you can look for books that reflect the life lessons you want them to learn more about.
  • Animals: If you have noticed your child gravitates towards animals – be it pets, toys, shows with animal characters, or anything in between – you should try out a variety of animal-themed books! Animal books exist in many different genres, both fiction and non-fiction, providing key educational tidbits that will intrigue your little animal lover.
  • Mathematics: Although mathematics might seem like a complex (or even boring) topic, it can actually be a very engaging one for early readers. Your child is never too young to learn basic math concepts. By giving them stories that include some simple exercises (addition, subtraction, etc.), you may discover that your child has an analytical mind!
  • Science: The world of science is vast and full of mysteries that can enthrall your child and get them thinking. For the scientific minds out there, a tale full of experiments can be a great way to keep them interested in what they are reading and wanting more.
  • Art & Culture: Kids are, by nature, very curious about the world around them. With arts and culture books, you can expose them to all sorts of new ideas and lifestyles from around the globe. This can also be an excellent way to figure out if your child is more of a history or art buff.

#2 Experiment with genres (and ask questions!)

If you and your child are both unsure what interests them most, chances are you will need to try out a few different topics before finding the ones that stick.

When exploring different book topics and genres, ask your child questions along the way, such as:

  • What do you find interesting about this book?
  • Would you like to read books similar to this one?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite things about this book?

Guiding your child through this self-reflection can help shed light on what they do and do not like about a story – which can be a great jumping-off point for picking out new reading, and discovering what aspects or details of a book they pay the most attention to. This is important information, as it can tell you a lot about your child’s reading and learning style.

Naturally, kids will inherently enjoy books about their favorite subjects the best. As they discover more books they love, you can look for commonalities outside of just the main topic or genre, such as:

  • Specific types of characters or character traits they are drawn to
  • For picture books, specific colors, art styles, and imagery that your child is fascinated by
  • Writing styles that best engage your child (simple rhyming, short sentences, dialogue, etc.)

By paying attention to these kinds of details as your child learns to read, you will be better equipped for finding new books for them to enjoy.

#3 Support their reading independence

Allowing your child to pick out their own books is one of the best ways to encourage an independent, lasting love for reading.

Letting your child pick the books they want to read helps to build their sense of self-confidence in their own decision-making abilities. Plus, it can help to reveal what topics they are truly the most interested in – even if they have said otherwise!

Kids can be finicky and their interests can change on a whim. Giving the child the freedom of choice helps to ensure they are always choosing and reading books that align with their current interests and passions.

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