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Here's Why You Should Have Regular Reading Sessions With Your Bebé


If you think that your baby is too young to benefit from a reading session with you every day, you might be wrong. According to research, babies learn almost 78,000 words per year when their parents read books to them. What's more, a regular reading session helps in your child's language development and also gives them the tools to grow emotional and social skills.

And if you have a Spanish heritage, reading en Español can help your child build a connection with their roots and venture into dual-language learning. (While at the same time, you can also polish your inherited language.)

In this article, dig in to explore the benefits of reading to your babies from an early age so they can grow up to have strong language skills.

How Reading Can Benefit Your Child

No child is too young to benefit from the magic of books. Whether you have a newborn or an infant, reading to them is essential. Here are a few benefits.

It Helps Develop Their Language Skills

Your kids may not be old enough to pick up a book or repeat the alphabet after you, but they have excellent hearing powers. When you read them a book or a poem, they hear every word, contributing to their language development. Further, reading exposes them to words that they otherwise may not hear or catch from your daily conversations with them.

Reading Helps Create a Bond

Do you often feel guilty that your challenging routine doesn't let you create a strong bond with your child? If that's so, try reading a book to your infant every night and see the difference.

Reading together helps build a connection of love and safety with your child. Besides, it allows you to give your child one-to-one attention, helping them grow and blossom.

A Book Session Is Great to Develop Emotional Learning

Your kids look at the pictures and grasp your expression while you read them a book. This exercise helps them develop emotional learning, which is imperative for their brain development. Moreover, it allows your child to mimic your expressions and get introduced to various human emotions.

A Regular Reading Session Develops a Routine

While having a feeding and sleep schedule is essential, your child should also have a well-curated reading routine, so they can make it a significant part of their daily lives. Moreover, a disciplined reading routine can help you establish a fixed play and sleep schedule for your child.

Reading Introduces Your Child to the Real World

Your kid might be too young right now to experience the real world. However, it is never too early to prepare them for what they might face in a few years. Books help your child understand the world they live in and, at the same time, develop their communication skills.

Moreover, if you start early, your kid can quickly understand the basic things. This includes different shapes, colors, letters, and numbers.

Is Reading to Your Child Good For You Too?

Absolutely! While it's a great way to develop an emotional bond with your kid, reading also helps you revisit your concepts and take a break from your busy lifestyle. Besides, if you belong to a Spanish learner family, a Spanish reading session can also allow you to learn new things with your kids.

A mere book can benefit both you and your child in many different ways. So, why not implement a daily session every day? Below we have discussed some ways to introduce reading to your child and make it joyful and personal.

Tips to Make Your Reading Sessions Fun and Personal

Do you want your two-year-old kid to ask you for a book reading session every day? In that case, follow the tips below to make this a habit.

Pick the Right Books

Babies love books that they can hold. Plus, they like colorful graphics and images. Moreover, there are many interactive books that come with sounds.

So, before you initiate a reading session, know what your child likes and select a book accordingly. Even a single wrong selection may make them lose their interest in this activity.

Cuddle With Your Baby

Let your child feel safe and protected while you read to them. You can do so by cuddling them as you turn the pages of your book. This gesture gives a warm impression to your child, and they start to consider reading as a safe and delightful activity.

Channel Your Expressive Voice

Your baby will love you for your expressive reading voice. Whether you are reading them a book at night just before they doze off or in the early hours of the day, read with different expressions and varying tones. A sudden change in your voice will create curiosity in your child, making them hooked to the book for a long time.

Encourage Response

Instead of reading the entire content yourself, encourage your child to respond to every word or sound. Moreover, allow them to hold and touch the book and feel the pages.

Don't worry if your kid holds the book upside-down or drools over it. Give your child the freedom to explore this asset so they can cherish it.

Do It Daily

Finally, plan a session every day if you want your kid to get used to this great habit of reading. To make it more interesting, select a specific reading spot in a room surrounded by books, so your kid can get used to it. Furthermore, try switching off your phone and television for some time so you and your child can entirely focus on the book.

Final Takeaway

Reading to your child is an exercise with many more benefits than you can imagine. Of course, it is excellent for your child's language development, but it also helps them create a strong bond with you. Besides, if you want your children to explore their Spanish heritage, or get an early jump on bilingual learning, there is nothing better than introducing Spanish books from an early age.

So, grab your kid's favorite book, choose a reading spot, and let the magic happen. Trust us; it is never too soon.

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