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Libros We Love: Esto no es Una Selva


Written by Susanna Isern, illustrated by Rocio Bonilla Raya

It all starts the day Paula decides that her answer to everything will be “no.” Will she clean up her room? Eat her dinner? Brush her teeth? No, no and definitely no. Saying no is just so satisfying!

Her (EXTREMELY PATIENT) mom kisses her goodnight and observes that her messy room is practically turning into a jungle.

And then it does! There’s a hippo in the bathtub, bears in the bedroom and to top it all off, Paula is looking a little wild herself. Maybe a little bit of tidying and personal hygiene isn’t so bad after all?

Author Susanna Isern is known for creating books that use humorous situations to help parents and kids talk about things that can sometimes be challenging (like keeping your room clean!). We love Esto no es Una Selva, with its expressive characters and cheerful animal illustrations courtesy of Rocio Bonilla. We hope you do, too!

Vanessa Nielsen Molina
Vanessa is an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá of four, who’s passionate about helping other parents experience the joy of raising bilingual children. Follow her journey and access more resources at

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