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Libros We Love: Gracias. Historia de un vecindario


Written & illustrated by Rocio Bonilla Raya

From renowned author/illustrator Rocio Bonilla, comes this lovely and meaningful story of curiosity, empathy, and how appearances can often be deceiving.

Once upon a time there was a neighborhood like any other. It had houses, streetlights, trees… and many neighbors who didn’t know each other.

Though they all live on the same street, none of the animals in this neighborhood have met. What they know–or THINK they know–about their neighbors is enough to convince them they’re better off at home alone.

But when one of the neighbors shows up to help another, these animals are about to discover that with a little curiosity and empathy, their neighbors might just turn out to be the greatest in the world.

In Gracias. Historia de un vecindario, renowned author/illustrator Rocio Bonilla brings us this story of how appearances can be deceiving and how, if we seek to understand them, other people can be our greatest treasures.

This book also comes with a board game to cut out and play as a family!

Vanessa Nielsen Molina
Vanessa is an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá of four, who’s passionate about helping other parents experience the joy of raising bilingual children. Follow her journey and access more resources at

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