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Libros We Love: La Roca de Mila y Carlos


Written & Illustrated by Alessandro Montagnana

Mila the seal has found a special rock in the middle of the ocean. She loves to jump off it into the water, and rest on its sun-warmed surface. One day, after a ridiculous accident, she meets a new friend: Carlos the seagull. They can tell immediately that theirs will be a special friendship!

But then (all too soon!) Carlos’ dad comes to take him home. And to make matters worse, a storm is coming! Will they ever see each other again?

La Roca de Mila y Carlos published by NubeOcho, features vibrant illustrations in a nautical palette, with seascapes that beautifully capture the characters’ ocean home. This isn’t the first (or last) children’s story about a friendship between animals; but in true NubeOcho fashion, Alessandro Montagana’s take is original and tender.

Vanessa Nielsen Molina
Vanessa is an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá of four, who’s passionate about helping other parents experience the joy of raising bilingual children. Follow her journey and access more resources at

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