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The Magical Power of Laughter: 5 Reasons Why It’s a Must in Children’s Reading


In the corner of our bookshelf, there's a beloved stack of tattered Mo Willems books that have seen more giggles and laughter than any other in our collection. Their well-worn pages are a testament to the countless times they’ve been read, cherished, and shared. The tape patches, like battle scars, tell the story of a journey through the hands of my eager little reader, flipping through the humorous tales that never fail to elicit fits of laughter. Those books are a reminder that some books become not just stories but also dear friends, and no amount of wear and tear can diminish their value in our hearts.

When it comes to sharing a good laugh while reading with kids, the benefits are endless. It's not just a whole lot of fun; it's also the secret sauce for nurturing a lifelong love of reading. Let's dive into why laughter is the special ingredient that can make your child's reading journey extraordinary.

#1. Laughter's Gift to the Body

First, why is laughter such a boon for the body? Well, it turns out that those chuckles and giggles are like nature's own medicine. When we laugh, our bodies release endorphins, those fantastic little molecules that give us a natural high. It's like having a party in your brain! What's more, laughter helps reduce stress and gives our immune system a boost, keeping both you and your little ones in tip-top shape. So, when you share a hilarious book, it's not just fun – it's a delightful treat for your bodies and a positive association linking reading with laughs and fun. Win-win!

#2. Building Bonds through Laughter

Have you ever had a hearty laugh with your child while reading a funny book? If so, you've experienced firsthand how laughter can create an unbreakable bond. These moments of joy connect you on a deeper level, strengthening your relationship. They become treasured memories that you and your child will carry with you for a lifetime. They’re also great for stress relief and for reconnecting after long days. What better way to forge lasting connections than through the magical pages of a book?

#3. The Comprehension Connection

The magic of laughter extends its spell to your child's comprehension skills as well. When kids discover humor in a story, their curiosity is instantly sparked. They become eager to grasp the essence of the joke, which motivates them to observe the unfolding plot and the quirky characters. In our household, we've noticed that funny books have an incredible knack for capturing our little one's attention, especially during those moments when they might be hesitant about reading in Spanish. These humorous tales are a double delight because they don't just tickle with their words but also with their hilarious illustrations. During challenging times, we begin with "reading" the pictures and weaving in Spanish words, using the laughter from these comical books as a gateway into the world of reading in Spanish.

#4. Funny Books as Reading Motivators

Funny books are like literary sugar – they make reading oh so sweet! Children are naturally drawn to humor, and funny books are the gateway to fostering a love for reading. The giggles and laughter turn reading into a delightful adventure, making kids eager to pick up another book. It's like an infectious enthusiasm that keeps them coming back for more!

#5. Falling in Love with Books, One Chuckle at a Time

On the grand journey to becoming a reader, funny books play a crucial role. They make children fall head over heels in love with books. The joy of laughter while reading creates an emotional connection to the world of literature that lasts a lifetime.

Happy reading, chuckles, and unforgettable moments!

Karina Batchelor is a proud Latinx mama from Miami, la ciudad magica. She's a longtime educator, writer, and creative who holds multiple degrees in varied areas of study. Her qualifications have seen her excel across the US and the UK in various sectors of the education and theatre industry. You can often find her with a cafecito in hand at the nearest library, her homeschooling cooperative, or at the theatre, where she works as a professional dramaturg.

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