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Board Book Box

From $20.98 per month

Introduce the joy of reading en español. Small, sturdy, & built for curious little hands, these board books are perfect for bebés, toddlers, & curious pre-readers.

What's included

- Two carefully selected Spanish or bilingual board books, delivered monthly.
- Collectible inserts for each book to help foster a positive reading experience.
- The opportunity to tailor your selections via surveys & monthly feedback.
- A bonus book in your first box with any six-month plan.

Who it's best for

- New parents in multilingual households looking to build a strong foundation for language development.
- Parents who want to encourage their curious toddlers to discover and learn.
- Friends or families that want to give a meaningful, delightful, practical gift.

Why choose Sol Book Box?

The world's finest board books

Our editors review hundred of new books yearly, shipping only the best.

Authentic, diverse, inclusive picks

We work with leading publishers in Latin America, Spain, the U.S. and more.

A joyful reading experience

Every book comes wrapped like a present! It's a book fiesta, every month.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Your niño is gonna love it! 😍 But if they don't, let us know & we'll make it right.

By purchasing a pre-paid book box plan, you are agreeing to a one-time, non-renewing fee based on your selected term length (either 1, 3, or 6 months). For information about our return & refund policies, click here.

What's included?
Two hand-selected, Spanish or bilingual board books each month.

What age is this box best for?
Board books are typically written for pre-readers age 0-4. That said, your subscription profile will help us tailor your selections even further so your child is getting just the right book, at just the right age.

Do we need to know Spanish?
Ideally some, yes. But for families just starting their Spanish language journey, we also offer Spanish / English titles! You can indicate a preference for bilingual books at signup, or later via your Customer Profile.

Where do the books come from?
We work with leading publishers both locally and around the globe, delivering subscribers a highly curated mix of books sourced directly from publishers in Spain & Latin America, and books produced in the U.S. (as either original texts or high-quality translations of notable English-language titles). Individual book selections will vary from subscriber to subscriber based on the child's age, language preferences, Spanish fluency, reading preferences, and other factors as determined by the Sol Book Box book curators.

What if I already have a book?
No problem! Just reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll ship a replacement.

Initial Boxes ship within 7 business days of purchase, and monthly thereafter. Delivery of your package depends on where you are located, but most boxes will arrive within 2-5 business days. You will receive a shipping notification when your box is on the way!


Our family just got our first month of Sol Book Box. The kids were super excited with the contents. The book on Tito Puentes brought back childhood memories that I shared with the kids.

- Carlos S.



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