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Adoptar Un Dinosaurio

Adoptar un Dinosaurio


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Ali desperately wants a pet. Any pet! A chicken, a dog, a cat or an elephant– any animal will do. But her parents always say the same thing: “Animales en la casa, ¡NO!

So when Ale finds an egg in the park, she decides that a pet egg is better than no pet at all. She takes it home and takes the best care of her egg until… it hatches! And that’s when Ale realizes she’s found her perfect pet: a dinosaur! Amused, her parents tell her that if she can find a dinosaur, she can keep it.

With charming illustrations, this previous libro del mes will appeal to any animal lover. We hope you enjoy this whimsical tale about imagination, fantastical pets, and a kid who knows exactly what she wants and won’t stop until she makes it happen.

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José Carlos Andrés


Ana Sanfelippo


Dinosaurs · Pets · Family






"A Spanish-language edition, Adoptar un dinosaurio, proves just as charming. Humorous without a trace of snark, this Spanish import hatches just right." - Kirkus Reviews

Picture Book

Age 3-8

40 pages


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