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El Ano En Que Aprendimosa Volar

El Año En Que Aprendimos a Volar


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One stormy day, a girl and her little brother are stuck inside their apartment, bored and bickering. If only they could go somewhere!

Then, their wise grandmother advises them to use their imaginations to help them fly out of difficult seasons and circumstances in life. She tells them to use their “beautiful and brilliant minds” to soar, just like their ancestors who came before.

But can these siblings really just use the power of their minds to help them rise above loneliness, anger, or sadness? And is this something they can do all year long?

EL AÑO QUE APRENDIMOS A VOLAR (a 2022 libro del mes) is the second collaboration between author Jaqueline Woodson and illustrator Rafael López (the duo that brought us another favorite title, El día en que descubres quién eres). López´s energetic mixed-media illustrations explode with color and are the perfect complement to this uplifting story.

We hope this book inspires you to use YOUR imagination, and that you love it like we do!

Featured in: "Picture Books vs Board Books: The Definitive Guide"

Featured In: "¡Vamonos! Using Children's Spanish Books to travel the world"


Jacqueline Woodson


Rafael López


Imagination · Family · Feelings


Nancy Paulsen Books




"Vibrant illustrations, purposeful rhythms, and deliberate repetition create a read-aloud experience that kids of varying ages can follow." [Common Sense Media]

"Energetic layered multimedia illustrations accompany the poetically repeating lines..." [Publisher's Weekly]

Picture Book

Age 4-8

32 pages


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