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El Paraguas de Cebra


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Cebra lives in the savanna, where it’s been dry for months. But once the rainy season starts, watch out! The sky can pour without warning!

That’s why Cebra is prepared and carries his colorful umbrella, just in case he needs some shelter from the storm. But not all of the animals are as ready for the rains as Cebra! Luckily, there’s plenty of room under the big umbrella for Gacela, Liebre, and even Elefante.

But when León, who would also prefer to stay warm and dry, asks to be let under the umbrella, can the other animals trust that he won’t gobble them up? And is there even any more room for him? You’ll just have to read EL PARAGUAS DE CEBRA (a 2022 libro del mes) to find out!

A gentle, colorful reflection on kindness and sharing, we hope this book inspires some sharing and kindness in your family.

Featured in: "Spanish vs. Bilingual Children's Books: Where to Start with Your New Reader"


David Hernández Sevillano


Anuska Allepuz


Friendship · Sharing · Animals


Nube Ocho



Picture Book

Age 4-8

32 pages


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