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La gran fabrica de las palabras

La gran fábrica de las palabras


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A 2022 libro del mes, this story takes place in a country where talk is NOT cheap: you must pay for each word you say. That’s why only the people with the most money can speak. Everyone else must remain silent, or get by with the words they find thrown around or in the trash.

Although sometimes, if you’re quick enough, you can catch a flying word with your butterfly net. That’s what Bruno does, when he spots three words flying overhead. He saves these precious words to tell them to Andrea, the girl he’s in love with. (He’d rather just tell her he loves her, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy those words).

Will Bruno’s words be enough to let Andrea know how he feels? You’ll have to read to find out!

This story offers us a chance to reflect on the value we give each of the words we say. If you had to pay for every word that came out of your mouth, which ones would you choose to say?

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Agnes DE Lestrade


Valeria Docampo


Maria Teresa Rivas Guerrero


Food · Community · Sharing


Tramuntana Editorial



Picture Book

Age 4-8

40 pages


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