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La Marmota Panchayel Zorro

La marmota Pancha y el zorro


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When la marmota Pancha makes her yearly February trip out of her burrow to check on the weather, the last animal she expects to run into is a hungry fox!

Pancha’s quick thinking saves her from immediately becoming breakfast; and while she’s aboveground, Pancha thinks that they might as well participate in some of her favorite winter sports, like ice skating. After all, the fox needs to “whet his appetite” so he’ll be nice and hungry before he eats her, ¿qué no?

Will Pancha be able to make her escape? Or will a friendship bloom as this unlikely pair enjoys the last days of winter’s snow and cold? You’ll have to read to find out!

In LA MARMOTA PANCHA Y EL ZORRO (a 2022 libro del mes), illustrator Carmen Segovia’s whimsical portrayal of this groundhog/fox pair is the perfect accompaniment to this charming story.


Susan Blackaby


Carmen Segovia Moreno


Animals · Winter · Friendship


Editorial Corimbo S.L.



Picture Book

Age 3-8

32 pages


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