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La Selva de Zonia


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A 2021 libro del mes, Young Zonia’s home in the Amazon is peaceful, “verde y llena de vida.” Every morning, the rainforest calls to Zonia, and every morning she answers. But one day, Zonia sees something frightening: the forest needs her help. And not just her help! The rainforest is calling for all of us, and as Zonia tells young readers, we all must answer.

We love this beautiful and important story that encourages compassion and activism.

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Juana Martinez-Neal


Juana Martinez-Neal


Activism · Conservation · Rainforests






"This book isn’t just about the Peruvian Amazon, it literally is the Peruvian Amazon: Its illustrations were created on paper made from banana bark by women living in the village of Chazuta. Its delightfully impish main character is Asháninka, the area’s largest Indigenous group. . . . But what truly makes it stand out is its message of self-determination: These Indigenous people, Martinez-Neal has written, are 'not saved but take charge.'" [NYT Book Review]

"In wispy mixed-media art that includes linocuts on banana bark paper, Martinez-Neal introduces Zonia’s friends, the animals of the Amazon—blue morph butterflies, river dolphins, sloths, and more—who interact with the child in their shared home. . . Further supporting this striking look at the way environmental destruction disenfranchises Indigenous communities, back matter contextualizes the final images and, alongside material about life in the Amazon, includes a translation of the text into Asháninka." [Publisher's Weekly]




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40 pages


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