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A Tomás Rivera Book Award winner and 2021 libro del mes! In the gorgeous Sonoran Desert, a mother deer and her fawn make their way through a landscape teaming with flora and fauna. They travel sometimes at night, and sometimes during the day, experiencing refreshing evening showers and witnessing all sorts of desert creatures.

But the beautiful borderlands also present dangerous and harsh divisions. Can the dream of a better future be found here?

When we heard of this book by author/illustrator Yuyi Morales, we couldn’t get it out to our subscribers fast enough! With her trademark complex (and gorgeous) artwork, Morales leads us through a book that reads like a love song to the land that forms the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

With measured, poetic text, LUCERO shows a link between the fragility of desert life, and the vulnerability of people stuck on one side of the border. And while the book helps us understand the dangers of the borderlands, in the end there is hope for a more beautiful world. No surprise that we loved this title, and hope you do, too!


Yuyi Morales


Animals · Nature · Overcoming Fear


Neal Porter Books




"This story is told by the dreamlike artwork, while the text is the loving words of a parent or caregiver encouraging the young one – the 'bright star' or 'lucero' to 'imagine a new story.'" [Youth Services Book Review]

"...might be the Caldecott honoree Yuyi Morales’s best book yet" [NY Times]

"Once again, Yuyi Morales has given us an extraordinary work of art." [Nashville Public Library]

Picture Book

Age 3-8

40 pages


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