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¿Por qué no floreces?


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The protagonist in this libro is a little bear who carefully tends his flower garden. One day he discovers a strange plant– it’s the only one that hasn’t bloomed!

He carefully tends to this plant: he waters it, protects it from the sun, and even gives it “clases para florecer,” to no avail. Meanwhile, underground, a hungry family of rabbits has discovered a GIANT carrot that won’t stop growing!

This fun book (a 2022 libro del mes) tells a story from two different points of view. While our little bear has no idea what’s happening under his feet, we (the readers) do! This story is a chance to reflect on the subjectivity of reality: our interpretation of the world can be very different from someone else’s, depending on our individual experiences and what we can see.

We love the colorful illustrations and the ending of this book! (We won’t spoil it for you, but our osito finds the perfect way to fix his non-flowering plant!)


Katarína Macurová


Katarína Macurová


Alba Jiménez Blázquez


Animals · Gardening · Subjective Experiences


Tramuntana Editorial



Picture Book

Age 3-8

40 pages


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