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8 uproarious libros to keep your little reader giggling


Laughter is a magical super power for your reader! But to get those giggles you need the right books. Here's eight that had our littles ones in stitches.

1. Pizza y Taco: ¿Quién es el mejor?

by Stephen Shaskan

Pizza y Taco's dialogue is rib tickling funny! It's great to act out this story with your little ones and really go for it with the ridiculousness of some of the plot points. We also learned about the importance of voting and used it to vote for dinner (pizza won!).

2. El Gusano

by Elise Gravel

Worms! These oft misunderstood (and little written about) creatures are super important for our planet, so the next time you see one, try to be nice!

Part of the funny, uniquely styled, slyly educational nonfiction Disgusting Critters series by award winning author and illustrator, Elise Grave.

3. Los zombis no comen verduras

by Megan Lacera

Mo the zombie loves veggies, but his parents only want him to eat healthy zombie foods. So, Mo goes on a quest to convince his parents to "give peas a chance."

Kids can enjoy this book for the silly, gross, slightly spooky monster fun, while also getting valuable lessons on inclusivity, daring to be different, and accepting people for who they are.

One of our absolute favorite books about love and acceptance (and gross zombie food!). There's even a wonderful video of Jane the Virgin actor, Jaime Camil, reading it in Spanish and English!

4. El fantasma de las bragas rotas

by José Carlos Andrés

The residents of Villa Pesadilla are having a hard time. They’ll just be minding their business when all of a sudden the local ghost will come around and terrify them, yelling “¡Soy el fantasma de las bragas rotas!” The townsfolk decide to send their bravest, strongest, cleverest neighbors to deal with the ghost, but each of them ends up running away in horror. Is there anyone who can fix things for el fantasma with the smelly old underwear?

5. Un avestruz con mucha luz

by José Carlos Andrés

Ozzy the Ostrich and her friends were trotting across the plain. They came across three lions that wanted to eat them. What did the ostriches do to save themselves and defend what's theirs?

Kids love laughing and counting along in this hilarious read-aloud.

6. I Need a Hug/Necesito un abrazo

by Aaron Blabey

A funny, heartwarming picture book that reminds us that we all need hugs. We had a lot of fun with this book thinking about how painful it would be to hug the adorable but spiny porcupine. The final illustration is sure to get some giggles!

7. Buscar

by Olga de Dios

Buscar is an all-around favorite for different reasons in our family: my partner, who is monolingual, enjoys it because the repetitive and fairly simple dialogue gives him a chance to practice conversational Spanish; I really enjoy the creative, bizarre illustrations and the very funny punchline which had all of us howling; and my kiddo loves the Where’s Waldo-like picture hunt you can play throughout the book.

8. Voy a portarme muy bien

by Chris Haughton

Simón is a dog with all the best intentions, and his owner, Alfonso, has all the best hopes that Simón will be a well-behaved dog when he leaves him alone for the day. But it’s so hard to be a good dog when there are cats to chase and flowers to dig up!

Chris Haughton’s fetchingly funny story and vibrant, retro illustrations are sure to lure dog lovers of all ages—and anyone who has ever met a temptation too good to resist.

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