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¡Bostezan! The 15 best Spanish children’s books for going to sleep


As most any parent raising a reader can attest, there’s something special about that book right before bed. A time for snuggling up, winding down, bonding, sharing, and leaving the worries of the day behind. A truly GREAT bedtime story can help your child drift off to sleep feeling a sense of peace, security, and love.

In the case of Spanish children’s books, you’ll also get the added bilingual benefits of increased vocabulary, increased cultural awareness, greater confidence, and a whole lot more! So let’s dive into some of our favorite books for an excepcional bedtime read.

Books for calming down

La aventura de dormir solos

Written by Clara Mas Bassas, illustrated by Judi Abbot
A sweet and calming story accompanied by the advice of a specialist in emotional education to work on issues such as routines, relaxation, fear of the dark or fear of nightmares.

Vamos a la Cama

Written by Patricia Martín Pinillos, illustrated by Rocio Bonilla Raya
A beautiful, wordless board book about getting ready for sleep. With a relatable setup and a touch of humor, this is a charming option for teaching our tiny ones to identify actions that are familiar to them.

Encuentra Tu Calma

Written by Gabi Garcia, illustrated by Marta Pineda
A beautiful and uncommonly accessible book that teaches children how to get in touch with a sense of security when anxiety strikes, and find their inner calm.

El bosque de la serenidad: Cuentos para educar en la calma

Written by Susanna Isern, illustrated by Manuela Montoya Escobar
This peaceful book can help your little one learn how to confront problems and worries with serenity, exercise patience, and maintain calm when faced with a difficult situation.

Books for difficult sleepers

Todos bostezan

Written by Anita Bijsterbosch
A delightful book for children who just can't seem to fall asleep (and the inspiration for this list). Each page features a yawning animal showing off its enormous mouth behind a flap, until…zzzz.

Todos a dormir

Written & illustrated by Yael Frankel
It's time to go to sleep, but Lola doesn't really want to go to bed. Her head is so full of questions! For example, how would she sleep if she were an elephant, a penguin or a lion?

Un besito y ¡a dormir!

Written & illustrated by Patricia Geis
This gently interactive bedtime story includes semi-embossed characters and accessories. A truly adorable nighttime read & ritual.

Yo soy Humano

Written by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Embrace empathy in this Spanish edition from the New York Times bestselling series. Includes a guided meditation.

Soothing books for bilingual bebés

Cuánto mamá te quiere

Written by Terry Pierce, illustrated by Simone Shin
With lilting lullaby text and beautiful silk-screen illustrations, this soothing board book for newborns celebrates the never-ending nature of a mother’s love.


Written & illustrated by Maria Baranda
A rhythmic, very sweet bedtime read for parents and little ones, bolstered by soothing yet striking visuals.

Books for sweet dreams

Por Que Soy / Why Am I

Written by Colleen McCarthy-Evans, illustrated by Sarah Dietz
Come along on a journey through a dreamy day in our amazing world, starting in the dewy dawn and ending with a dance by the light of the full moon.

La estrella de topo

Written & illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
One night, Topo wishes to have all the stars in the sky. Suddenly, something magical happens and they all appear in his burrow. He is happy...but what about the other animals? What will they feel when they see the sky without stars?


Written by Roberto Aliaga, illustrated by Miguel Ángel Díez
Seeking a new home where they can feel safe, fireflies embark on a difficult journey and will learn that there is always a light at the end of the way.

Zaira y los delfines

Written by Mar Pavón, illustrated by Cha Coco
Winner at the 2012 Living Now Book Awards. Imagination flies free in this fun, entertaining, and sleepy time picture book for young, creative kids seeing the world in ways most of us cannot.

'Twas Nochebuena

Written by Roseanne Greenfield Thong, illustrated by Sara Palacios

Since 'tis the season, we'll end on a new holiday favorite. It’s Christmas Eve (perhaps no harder night to get to sleep for kids who celebrate!), and you’re invited to a Nochebuena celebration! Follow a family as they prepare to host a night filled with laughter, love, and Latinx tradition.

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