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Un Vampiro Peligrozo


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On a dark night in Transylvania, a little vampire is ready to give someone the scare of their life. If he does, he will pass the test at Vampire School. If he doesn’t… he will be banished to Banana Peeler School!

So when he sees a little girl walking alone, he tries his tactics on her: “¡Zoy un vampiro peligrozo!

The little girl is… not very scared. But when she sees how upset the vampire is, and how much this means to him, she decides to help him out. Will our vampirito be able to give his gran susto after all?

In UN VAMPIRO PELIGROZO (a 2021 libro del mes) bright, cartoonish illustrations feature a cast of ghosts, vampires, witches and other ghouls who, thanks to the vibrant colors, seem more friendly than fearsome. And any children’s book where we get to read with an accent is a win in our opinion!

Although this is a perfect pre-Halloween book, it’s also just a fun and lighthearted read year-round.

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José Carlos Andrés




Overcoming Fear · Humor · Fun


Nube Ocho




"I love this cute book! It’s perfect for little kids because it isn’t scary. It might help to assure children that there is nothing to really be afraid of, but sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be scared." [Luminous Libro]

Picture Book

Age 3-8

40 pages


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