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Las Cajas de Berta


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What do you do when you need to feel better? In LAS CAJAS DE BERTA (a 2021 libro del mes), our protagonist Berta is a well-behaved little girl. She doesn’t throw tantrums, and when she feels overwhelmed, she simply puts her emotions in a box: anger in the red one, sadness in the blue one. “Her life is very orderly,” say her parents.

But one day she finds that it’s not so easy to put away her feelings. She’s never lost control before but… maybe feelings aren’t meant to go in boxes?

The bright and colorful illustrations tell just as much of a story as the text does! Berta’s facial expressions are emotive, and the palette of primary colors lends some lightness to the serious subject of emotional health.

This book is an interesting way to think about how we express our emotions, and what things make us feel better when we’re angry or sad. For Berta, putting puzzles together or creating art calms her down and makes her feel happier. Brainstorm what kinds of things help YOU when you’re feeling blue!


Dario Alvisi


Amélie Graux


Feelings · Art · Family


Nube Ocho




"This is a perfect paired reading for classrooms and/or parents that follow the Zones of Regulation. Through example (and a bit of chaos) it illustrates in clear bright illustrations and a smart narrative what happens when you keep your feelings bottled up inside, and are unable to express them. Let’s open those boxes." [Mr. Alex's Bookshelf]

"The book is a great tool for having a conversation with children about building coping skills and how to cope when we have bad days." [Youth Services Book Review]

Picture Book

Age 3-8

40 pages


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